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*In-person fishing registration begins at 3pm Friday and will close at 12 noon Sunday.

* Fee for all anglers is $10

* Tournament entrants will be given a registration card with a number and will be required to have this on them at ALL times! You will NOT be able to weigh a fish without a registration card.

*Contest is DNR approved - All Minnesota fishing regulations apply

*No dead fish will be accepted

*All fish must be released immediately after weigh-in

*Boat anglers shall observe a no wake rule where shore anglers are fishing

* Catfish may NOT be transported off the Minnesota River! 

*You may register more than one fish in a day, but you may only have one catfish (over 24 in.) in your possession at any given time. 

* In the event of any ties, there will be a coin flip

*All judges’ decisions made will be final

Additional updates will be posted here as time progresses. 




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